"Let's Grow Together" - Meeka
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Meeka is one of our top stylists.  She carries with her several years of experience dealing with natural hair.  She is a true artist with the skill's to back it up.

A $10 upcharge may be added if the client is more than 15 minutes late for their appointment unless the client calls ahead and notifies the stylist of their tardiness.  This charge also applies for no call no shows whereas the following appointment will be assessed the upcharge.

Start at $65 and are based on the length and size of the dreads.  An in salon consultation is required prior to service to determine the appropriate price based on individual needs.  Prices may change throughout the growth process due to the above mentioned factors.

Flat Iron ServiceFlat Iron ServiceFlat Iron
Up DoUp DoColor and StyleColor and Style
Spiral CurlsDreadsDreadsLocks
Cut and StyleCut and StyleMen's CutMen's Cut
Before Gloss TreatmentBefore Gloss TreatmentAfter Gloss Teatment